Please let us know of any news about you, your family, or a
classmate that we can share here.

Good news is appreciated, too!
News about the
NMHS Class of 1974
OCTOBER 15, 2017

This year, Wendy (Cummings) Wassong has lost her mother and her husband, Bob Wassong. Our condolences
to Wendy and her family for their losses.

MAY 2, 2017

We have lost two more classmates over the past two years. Linn Chamberlin and Dwaine Deicke have left us.
If someone has Linn's obituary, or if a family member would like to create an obituary to add here, please
send an email to the Committee. Dwaine's obituary can be found on the Obituary page. Our condolences to
Linn and Dwaine's families.

Just two more years until we have been out of high school for 45 years. It's amazing how fast the time has
gone, isn't it? So many of you are grandparents now. High school is so far in our past but the memories are
still there, even though they have faded somewhat. We each have events that happened that will always be in
the recessess of our mind. As each person leaves us, the memories come flooding back. We remember things
we thought were long gone. It is a bittersweet feeling, these memories bring, knowing that we can never go
back and we will never see these people again. We want to go back to 1974 and tell those kids to enjoy every
day and stay in touch with their friends because time goes by too quickly. If only we could....

MAY 1, 2015

PICNIC to be held at Harrybrooke Park in New Milford on July 18, 2015

12 NOON - DUSK but we have not confirmed a menu until we have a rough estimate of how many are
attending. The menu will include meat - Roast Beef and Chicken along with hot dogs and hamburgers, 2 sides,
chips, beverages and watermelon or other "dessert"....you must BYOB and you can bring additional food also.
The COST will be $25 per person $40 per couple $5 per child under 12. Please indicate when you send your
check who will be attending. You may also order your 40 Year Reunion Photo CDs (set of 2) at the same time
for an additional $10. Checks can be sent to:

Anna Assad
53 Meadowland Drive
Gaylordsville, Ct 06755

Or you can pay using your PayPal account here.

Our Facebook pages are New Milford CT High School Class of 74 or NMHS74 or New Milford CT Class of 74
Picnic 2015

If you would like to find friends from 1970 to 1978, please go to NMHS Classmates. This was started by the
committee to be able to contact with everyone who went to school with us. After all, we were friends with
more than just our class!

Congratulations to Barbara Brickley! She has a beautiful grandson born April 30. Enjoy every moment with
Finnegan Patrick, Barbara!

Our condolences to Anna D'Alessio Assad and her family on the recent loss of her mother.

AUGUST 11, 2014

We have closed ticket purchases for the reunion this Saturday, August 16. We hope you will be joining us
from 5:00 to 11:00 pm at the Crowne Plaza in Southbury, Connecticut, 1284 Strongtown Road (Exit 16 off
I-84). The hospitality suite opens at noon for those who want to visit early. If you can't join us, check back
here or on Facebook for pictures; you will be missed! For those attending, we'll see you Saturday!

MARCH 14, 2014

SAVE THE DATE for the New Milford High School Class of 1974 40th class reunion on August 16, 2014, at the
Crowne Plaza in Southbury. A hospitality suite will be open at noon. Cocktail hour, dinner, and DJ from

The cost of the event will be $65 per person. Payment can be sent one of two ways: Click the Buy Now button
above or send us an email for a mailing address. There will be no payment accepted at the door. Any extra
donations are appreciated to save for our 50 year reunion or to help less fortunate classmates attend. Just
add it to the total submitted.

The Crowne Plaza has reserved a block of rooms for us on a first come, first served basis. Call 203-598-7600
to and let them know you are from the NMHS Class of 1974 Reunion. The rooms will be available for August 15
and 16.

NOVEMBER 25, 2013

Congratulations to Theresa and Jim Volinski on the birth of their grandson, James IV. Enjoy your time with
your new grandson!

AUGUST 12, 2011

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! Please look for us on Facebook by searching for NMHS
Classmates. Add us as a friend. This isn't a page for talking to each other; it is only to allow us to reconnect
with old friends. We have invited everyone from the classes of 1970 to 1978 who went to school with us.
People who went to school with you and moved on may be on there as well. Find out who is on there and
reconnect with old friends!

We also have a group on Facebook called NMHS74. This is a private group for our class only. We can talk to
each other privately there. If you are on Facebook and aren't a member of NMHS74, send us an email with
your Facebook name and we will add you to the group.

MARCH 19, 2011

During the past ten months, we had a lot of classmates lose their parents and other family members. Some of
them include Mark Tlasky who lost his son, Dave McRoberts who lost his wife, and Wendy Cummings Wassong
and Pam Southworth who lost their fathers. Our condolences go out to all of you.

Please look for us on Facebook. We have created the NMHS Classmates Facebook account that includes
classmates from 1970 to 1978. It was recommended to include all these classes because we were friends
with more than just people in the class of 1974. To date, we over 200 friends on NMHS Classmates. If you
aren't a member, please send us a Friend Request and include the year you graduated. If you have changed
your name since graduating, please send your name from high school so we will know who you are and not
ignore you! Thanks!

JUNE 20, 2010

Jon Sercel recently contacted us. He would like to do something for Traumatic Brain Injury rehab efforts and
found a website that supports our disabled vets coming home with TBI - www.tbifreedom.org. Jon would like
suggestions to develop a rehab fundraising effort to support anyone with TBI Rehab, both military and
non-military. Please email Jon or the committee to give your suggestions to Jon.

One of our favorite teachers, Russell Nicolas, passed away recently. His obituary is posted here.

Our condolences go to Glenn Bouquillon and his family who recently lost his father.

MAY 2, 2010

Spring is finally here! Make sure to check out our Yearbook photos. If you are on Facebook, find us by
searching for
NMHS Classmates. We also have a group called NMHS74 where you can post things that can only
be seen by class members who have joined.

FEBRUARY 22, 2010

We were sad to find out that Miss Nancy Vago passed away recently. Miss Vago will always hold a special
place in my heart for what she did for my sister, Theresa. While Theresa was ill and could not come to school,
Miss Vago was one of the teachers who made the trek to Sherman to tutor Theresa at home. Most of you had
no idea that was happening and I was truly touched that she came to our house to help Theresa. I have
added her obituary to the Obituaries page.

Our condolences to Audrey Derby Epps and Tom Derby on the recent loss of their father.

DECEMBER 7, 2009

On this day, we remember those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor. It is also a good time to thank all who
have served this country for us.

If you haven't joined us on Facebook, please do. The link is on the Home page. If you know of a job opening,
post a message in our group (NMHS74) to let classmates know about the job. Send us an email if you cannot
find or get into the group.

We wish all of you a very happy holiday and hope that 2009 is better for everyone! Merry Christmas, Happy
Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Boxing Day, Happy Ashura, and a very Happy New Year!

NOVEMBER 25, 2009

Our condolences to our classmates who will not have family members with them today: Peter Diaz lost his
mother earlier this year and Jane Setaer Mulligan recently lost her husband. To all of you who have lost a
member of your family this year, our thoughts are with you and we hope you are able to remember the good
times you shared with your family members.

AUGUST 14, 2009

The picnic at Harrybrooke Park was last Saturday. Although we didn't get a spectacular turnout, we did have
a lot of people attend. There were some people who have never attended a reunion before, which was nice to
see. The committee promises to send out a "Save the Date" card about a year in advance of our 40 year
reunion so everyone will be able to make plans accordingly. For now, just know that in 2014 we will have a

Thanks to all who attended the picnic. It was great to see all of you. Special thanks to Paul and Debbie
(Mosher) Thurlow for providing the wonderful food (as usual).

JULY 16, 2009

We are getting positive responses to the picnic! If you haven't let us know already, please let us know as
soon as possible if you will be attending. We can still accept ticket purchases until July 24. We can buy your
ticket at the door, but please let us know you are attending so the caterer will know how much food to buy.
We hope to see you at Harrybrooke Park on August 8!

Barry Miller found our website and is no longer on our "Missing" list. We're glad you found us, Barry!

JULY 7, 2009

The committee has sent out the invitations and you should be receiving one shortly. If you do not get one, it
probably means that we do not have a current address for you. Please email us with your mailing or email

Congratulations to Wanda Humiston Miller on becoming a Grandma again. We are happy that your daughter
and grandson are healthy and happy, Wanda.

We hope to see you all on AUGUST 8!

MAY 16, 2009

Our condolences go to Susan Dodd Harrington for the recent loss of her mother. Our thoughts are with you,

APRIL 2, 2009

Our condolences are extended to Peter Diaz who recently lost his mother and to Carol Barnhart who lost her
father. Our thoughts are with both of you.

JANUARY 1, 2009

Our condolences go to Adrian Bouchard who lost his mother during the holiday season. Please know that we
are thinking of you and your family at this very difficult time, Adrian.

Donald and Jean (Rice) Squires have a son-in-law, Jeremy Harrison, who has written a book entitled, "The
Warrior Citizen: A Soldier's Journey to Iraq and Back." The local paper had an article about the book. If you
would like to purchase the book through Amazon, please click here (this is a courtesy link only; we will not
get a residual from Amazon).

Jeremy is married to Don and Jean's daughter, Susan. Jeremy and Susan have a new son, Evan Gregory, who
was born on December 20. Congratulations, Don and Jean, on being grandparents again!

DECEMBER 26, 2008

Our condolences are extended to Jeff Lescynski who lost his mother a few weeks ago. Our thoughts are with
you and your family, Jeff.

OCTOBER 22, 2008

We are saddened to find out that we have lost another classmate, Bill Kilton. His obituary can be found here.
A memorial service will be held this Sunday, October 26, at 3:00 pm at the First Assembly of God Church, 47
Old Park Lane Road.

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Bill's family and his brother, Boyd, who was also our classmate.

AUGUST 26, 2008

Donald and Jean (Rice) Squires became first time grandparents in May 2008. Jean's daughter Sarah and her
husband Paul had a baby girl they named Alexandrea Pauline (after Jean's mother). Sarah earned her PhD in
psychology and was hooded the day before the baby arrived!! Their oldest daughter, Susan and her husband
Jeremy, is expecting in December. Click here to see a picture of Alexandrea, Sarah and Jean. She is a
beautiful little girl!

AUGUST 15, 2008

Our condolences go to Lacey Benjamin Takacs on the recent loss of her father. Our thoughts are with you and
your family, Lacey.

JULY 30, 2008

Our condolences go to Juliann (Meaney) Murphy and her family who recently lost her brother and niece. Our
sympathies also are extended to Charles (Chuck) Strand who recently lost his father. Our thoughts are with
you during this time.

JULY 2, 2008

We were saddened to find out that Theresa Rosa lost her battle with cancer. Are thoughts and prayers are
with the family. Her obituary has information on donations if you would like to do so.

DECEMBER 26, 2007

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that the new year is your best ever! This year marks our 34th
year since we graduated from New Milford High School. In 2009, the committee will plan a get-together of
some sort to celebrate our 35th year. If anyone has any suggestions for that party, please send us an email.
One suggestion was to go on a cruise. Any others would be greatly appreciated!

Our condolences to Jeannie Hepburn who recently lost her step-father.

Please have a safe and happy New Year's celebration!

OCTOBER 1, 2007

Congratulations to Kathy DuBois Elliot on her upcoming marriage! She will be getting married on November 24
to a wonderful man names Ray Copeland. We wish her all the best and many years of happiness!

APRIL 5, 2007

Congratulations to Wendy (Cummings) Wassong on her first grandchild! Her daughter had a little boy born on
February 10, 2007.

If you hear of anything that we can share here, please be sure to send us an email or a letter to Class of 1974
Committee, P.O. Box 74, Gaylordsville, CT 06755.

Happy Easter, everyone!

JANUARY 17, 2007

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Apologies for not keeping the news more
current, the holidays got in the way of responsibilities. ;-)

We would like to extend our condolences to several of our classmates who lost family members over the past
few months: Jeanne Drzal Campbell lost her father recently; Polly Parker LeDuc lost her father in August; Bill
Murphy lost his brother in October; John Rettenmeier lost his father in October; Laura Williams lost her father
in November; Colleen Johnson Chamberlin lost her sister in November; and Robin Heck Saude lost her mother
in November.

On a positive note, today we received an email from Sharon Miller. We have been looking for her for quite a
while, so it was a nice surprise that she found us!

NOVEMBER 22, 2006

Congratulations to Roger and Barbara (Harris) Malumphy on their first granddaughter born today! We are
sure they are excited about the new addition to their family.

We wish all of you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

OCTOBER 16, 2006

The Birthday Party was a lot of fun and we thank all of the people who came, especially those who came in
from long distances!

We enjoyed the trip down memory lane going through the old High School. The changes made were not
extensive but were enough to throw us off as to what had been in certain locations! The cafeteria is now a
library with doors opening into the courtyard, which is virtually unused now. The other major change was to
the auditorium. That is now the cafeteria. According to some, the old auditorium chairs are buried underneath
the new cafeteria floor. The stage is still there. We all decided that we liked the dark auditorium better than
the light and bright cafeteria - remember study halls in the auditorium?


OCTOBER 3, 2006

The 50th BIRTHDAY BASH is coming up on October 14! If you are able to attend and would like to see the old
New Milford High School, please meet us at 4:00 pm at the Sarah Noble Intermediate School. Otherwise, we
will see you at 5:00 pm at the Holiday Restaurant!

AUGUST 30, 2006


Our condolences are extended to the family of Ward Stumpf. The following article was in the Danbury

New Milford man dies in tree accident

By Brian Saxton

SHERMAN -- Ward Stumpf Jr. had worked around wood for more than 20 years. The 49-year-old New Milford
man was a carpenter and often did tree work for friends and neighbors.

This summer, he decided to start his own business and called it Merryall Tree Works.

On Tuesday, while working in the heavy morning rain on a job in Sherman, Stumpf died when he fell 30 feet
from a tree he was helping to trim at a house on Atchison Cove Road.

Connecticut police state trooper J. Festa said Stumpf fell around 10:50 a.m., after a limb he was working on
suddenly snapped. Festa said Stumpf was pronounced dead at the scene by the medical examiner.

Festa said Stumpf's brother, Earl, 42, who was working with him, was on the ground at the time of the
accident."The work was being done at the back of the house," said Festa. "It seems he was standing on the
limb with his equipment attached to it when the limb broke."

Festa said OSHA, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, will conduct an investigation into
Stumpf's death.

Stumpf's wife, Mona, said her husband had lived in New Milford since he was 9 years old and graduated from
New Milford High School in 1974.

He leaves four daughters -- Iris, 7; Marissa, 10; Allison, 15; and Laura, 18, a freshman this year at the
University of Connecticut.

"He was a wonderful man," said Mona Stumpf. "I'm still in disbelief at this time."

Mona Stumpf described her husband as "a great outdoors man.""He was always doing tree work for friends
or anyone who needed help, but this year he decided to go into his own business," she said. "He was going to
celebrate his 50th birthday this weekend."

Family friend Donna Cooper O'Boyle remembered Ward Stumpf as a generous man."Ward would do anything
for anyone," she said. "They're just wonderful, loving, caring people. We're all in a state of shock."

Two years ago Ward Stumpf, with the help of Charlie Toussaint, a passing motorist, helped save eight horses
from a barn fire in the Merryall section of New Milford.

"I just had to get them out," said Stumpf, who was heading home with his family from a picnic when he came
upon the fire. "They were locked in their stalls. It would have been a shame to let them perish."

JULY 27, 2006


The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Due to multiple problems, the committee felt it was best
to postpone our party.

Cards are being mailed today with the details of the party.

We are working on scheduling a tour of the old New Milford High School (now known as the Sarah Noble
Intermediate School) so we can all see what changes were made to the school we knew.

We apologize for the inconvenience to all who made plans to attend the party. As a way of making amends,
we will supply the pizza for the evening for all classmates and their families who attend. A cash bar is
available for drinks and you can order other dinners at your cost if you so desire.

JUNE 21, 2006


Our sympathies are extended to the family of Ron Frost, husband of our classmate, Ceil Tiebout Frost. Our
thoughts are with you, Ceil, during this difficult time.

The Frost family will have a private service in Florida for friends and family. In lieu of flowers, donations can
be made to the Hope Hospice, 25 Homestead Rd N # 33-35, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936. A copy of his obituary can
be viewed here.


Our sympathies are extended to the family of George Doring, who formerly taught Spanish at New Milford
High School. Mr. Doring passed away yesterday, June 20, 2006, while enjoying an evening out.

Mr. Doring not only was a teacher to many of us, he was also on the New Milford Zoning Board for the past
thirty years serving as the Chairman for many of those years.

Our condolences and thoughts are with his family.

FEBRUARY 17, 2006

Socratis S. Clonaris, 79, of Grove Street, New Milford, died Monday, February 13, 2006, at his home. He was
the husband of Althea Roy Clonaris. Mr. Clonaris was born in Enfield, N.H., May 3, 1926, son of the late Stratis
S. and Helen Cakiades Clonaris.

He was a graduate of Keene State College, N.H., and Western Connecticut State University, and was a veteran
of World War II, serving with the U.S. Army Air Corp.

Mr. Clonaris was a teacher in New Hampshire before moving to New Milford in 1955, where he taught science
for 30 years at New Milford High School, retiring in 1985. He was also junior varsity baseball coach and driver
education teacher at the high school.

He was a former deacon of the First Congregational Church, New Milford, and a member of the Connecticut
Teachers Association. He enjoyed flying small aircrafts.

In addition to his wife of 54 years, he is survived by a son, James Stanley Clonaris, of New Milford; a
daughter, Nancy Louise Caldwell, of Shelton; a sister, Eugenia Clonaris Kilmetz, of Ridge, N.Y.; four
grandchildren; and one great-granddaughter.

Contributions in his memory may be made to the John Pettibone Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 944, New Milford,
CT 06776.

Our condolences and thoughts are with Mr. Clonaris' family at this time.

FEBRUARY 8, 2006


Samuel Mazzarella was a classmate with many of us. The following obituary was in the Danbury News-Times:

Samuel Mazzarella, 50, of Kent, formerly of New Milford, died Saturday February 4, 2006, at his home. Mr.
Mazzarella was born in New Milford, March 7, 1955, son of Mary Louise Jordan Mazzarella, of New Milford, and
the late Samuel Mazzarella.

He worked as a facilities manager at Camp Kenmont Kenwood in Kent. Before moving to Kent, he was
employed at Bucks Rock Camp in New Milford.

His favorite hobbies were fishing, cooking and spending time with his daughters.

In addition to his mother, he is survived by three daughters, Rachel, Renee and Rhonda, all of New Milford; his
ex-wife, Carolyn, of New Milford; eight brothers and sisters; one granddaughter, Cecelia Atwood; one
goddaughter, Jenna Nicole Couillard; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Our condolences to his family.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2005

Timothy Thomas Smith, 50, passed away on September 8, 2005. The services were held yesterday at the
Coburn Cemetary in Sherman. Surviving him are his former wife, Tammy Brown, his daughter, Mariah, and his
son, Clinton, as well as his brother, Terrence, all of Sherman, and his sister, Connie, of Arizona.

Our thoughts are with his family at this time.


We are saddened to let you know that Denise Peyron Ultsch passed away on September 7, 2004. Our deepest
sympathies are extended to the Peyron/Ultsch families.


Jon Sercel's daughter is graduating in approximately two years. He and his family would like to plan a family
reunion/vacation in Sherman for two weeks. There will be quite a group -- 21 people in all!

Jon is wondering if there is anyone in the area who could help him find a couple of houses to rent in close
proximity within Sherman. If you know of something, please email us and we will put you in contact with Jon.